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Plenty of updates from this month! Keep updated with what’s new around DOTA Valkyries on social media - we will be posting updates on our website at the start of every month.

Onboarding talent - We’ve been hard at work and are beginning the process of onboarding streamers. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media and you might spot a familiar name or two!

Tune into DOTA Valkyries’ all new Twitch series - We’ve been going live two times per week for the past few weeks, showcasing up-and-coming female coaching talent paired with volunteer students of varied MMR and learning goals. We hope to expand this learning opportunity to the whole DOTA Valkyries community very soon. To catch up streams, find our vods on the DOTA Valkyries Twitch page.

Exciting inhouses - All members of the DOTA Valkyries community are welcome to join our inhouses for some competitive fun. Inhouse tournaments will be cast and streamed via Twitch. Join our Discord server to stay up to date on inhouse scheduling or to get involved with casting inhouse events.

Wear your support on your sleeve! - We are thrilled to announce the release of DOTA Valkyries merch, now available for purchase on our website. All profits will directly support the growth of players in our program and the creation of further community events. Thank you for your continued support,

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