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As we await the arrival of the battle pass and all the festivities that come with it, we have not to worry for the ‘frost’ part of Frostivus has arrived in full force. Temperatures are dropping, the DPC has started again, and it’s time for the monthly Dota Valkyries recap!

News about us heading out to SEA came early this month, and the sails are set for a journey that will last! Our excitement to work with FSL persists and we are working on things behind the scenes. Make sure to follow FSL and Dota Valkyries on Facebook so you can be the first to hear about developments! FSL | Dota Valkyries

Rylai’s blessing might have been missing in the game itself for a little while, but her lust for frosty fighting needs to be fulfilled! In association with Women in Esports, an initiative by BEA, we announced the second Valkyrie Cup! Registrations close on 4 December, so if you feel the need to compete; make haste! The entry requirements are as follows: - The team needs to be made up of at least 2 female or non-binary players. - The average MMR of the team is no higher than 8000. - The teams must sign up using this link.

The matches will be played on 11 and 12 December. Our socials will be covering it as the cup happens. Many up-and-coming talent will be covering the cup alongside more experienced and established names. Follow the cup live on the BEA Twitch channel

To round off November’s monthly update we have dropped new merch! We have some fresh new designs as well as a wide new range of products! Need some pins, hoodie dresses, mugs and more? We got you covered! Check out the shop here!

A jolly holiday season to all from everyone here at Dota Valkyries. Whether you spend it watching Home Alone for the billionth time or playing 10 games of Dota 2 a day – we hope you have a great holiday season!


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