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TI10 has wrapped up and Nirvana’s legacy will be even more everlasting, because it sure does smell like Team Spirit! An enjoyable treat TI10 was. A record-breaking number of women made appearances on the livestream! From hosting to having a 100%-win rate on TI mainstage, these women did it all! A thank you to all the women who did a great job at TI this year: Sheever, Kaci, Frankie, Moxxi, Sumi, Ephey and Sheepsticked.

Dota Valkyries has grown further over the last month – onboarding many new faces! Thanks to these new additions we are pleased to announce that the inhouses will now be held on a weekly basis – made possible by our new staff! If you’re looking to play DOTA in a non-toxic and inclusive environment, then be sure to check out the inhouses in our community discord server!

TI10’s conclusion means major changes for rosters, but also marks the gradual change from autumn into winter. Whatever IceFrog is brewing is uncertain. One thing that is for sure is that a new DV tournament is coming. Make your hot coco and keep your frozen sigil close by, as the cold is about to get a lot more comforting!

October also saw our very first Valkyrie insights, featuring Sheever! More is to come, starting with Moxxi up next. Be sure to check out the first instalment of Valkyrie Insights on our website!

GEG Singapore 2021 draws closer and the all-female line-up led by Sheepsticked has been finalised. Will the aforementioned 100%-win rate on TI main-stage captain continue her flawless winning streak? We will have to wait until GEG Singapore 2021 commences to find out! Both Women in Esports and DV will be cheering them on! The full roster: - Little Lucy (Carry) - Sheepsticked (C) (Mid) - Bellemiku (Offlane) - Soong45 (Support) - Lily Milne (Support)

Finishing off this month’s recap is the continued collaboration with Spaniel. The Twitch moderation bot to help reduce toxicity in chat, which was used during TI10, is being improved and developed further. Ruby is working together with Spaniel to continuously improve the bot so that women can have access to it with our soon-to-be announced ambassador’s programme.

The what now programme? You read that right! Make sure to stay tuned in to all our socials to find out about more DV news and announcements. The next monthly update will be here once November concludes!


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