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For Everyone

We represent a voice in the DOTA scene against sexism and support anyone who has faced this issue.

For Aspiring Pros And Talent

DOTA Valkyries provides a platform for female creators and helps them carve out their own space in the DOTA scene.

The chance for growth at the highest level of female players in DOTA through a healthy competitive environment where players can push each other to improve.

We give female professionals a space to feel supported and for all professionals and corporations to interact and organise collaborations. We offer assistance with creating spaces, tournaments and events that support and represent women at all levels.

For The Community

We run a safe, strictly moderated and supportive community Discord that houses DOTA players from all walks of life. We organise mixed-gender in-house tournaments every week and have other events planned for the near future!

We are working towards better representation of women in the DOTA scene and aspire to make it an example of equity and progress within esports.

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