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The DOTA Valkyries Project is currently paused.
We'll be back soon!


“I wholeheartedly support DOTA Valkyries, a wonderful org that's been sorely needed in the DOTA space for a long time. I've always wanted to see a woman make it to the pro stage, and I believe the founders of this initiative are strong and passionate enough to see this dream be realised. I'm happy to support them in any way I can, and hope for a better future together for all girls that play this game.”




"Making the DOTA 2 scene more accessible for women is long overdue. Ruby and Emma aren't just envisioning an ideal but are championing for it with actionable plans and sustainable development. I have no doubt that DOTA Valkyries will change the landscape and I'm so excited for the future."



Journalist at Gosugamers

"This is an amazing initiative that has been much needed for a long time. Kudos to the team working on making DOTA Valkyries a reality. I cannot wait to follow and support this mission."



COO of Alliance

"We need spaces like DOTA Valkyries. DOTA Valkyries is a community where other women and allies can support one another, help them build confidence, and assist in improving the experience. The days of accepting toxicity and muting are no longer enough-- instead DOTA Valkyries is fostering a community that actively fights back against targeted gender harassment and abuse while simultaneously assisting talented female individuals who aspire to a career within DOTA 2. I’m excited to see what they will achieve-- the possibilities of a stronger, more inclusive DOTA 2 community will only strengthen the game we all love so much!"





About us

At the core of DOTA Valkyries is an ethos of equity. The esports industry has a long, male-dominanted history and we believe in striving for change; highly-skilled female players deserve to be given the choice to compete alongside male players, as well as in gender-segregated leagues. Esports does not discriminate based on height, weight or disability, so why gender? With aptitude and support, anyone can perform at the highest level.

DOTA Valkyries aims to create a platform which uplifts women in the community to achieve their maximum potential. We are working to create new, dynamic systems of inclusivity both within the DOTA scene and esports as a whole and we aspire to build a bright future for all women in the DOTA community.


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