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The coast is clear, Dota Valkyries are heading out to SEA!

The Southeast Asian region has for years been one of the most passionate DOTA communities. As DV grows we are constantly looking for opportunities to expand our reach and support, so we're very proud to announce our first steps into supporting women in DOTA across the globe by partnering with FSL!

'FSL are titans of the women's community - I have an immense amount of respect for the work that they've done to support and grow the women's gaming scene in Southeast Asia and I'm incredibly excited to see what we'll be able to accomplish as a team.'

Ruby, Co-Founder of Dota Valkyries

FSL was set up to provide a gaming circuit for women to compete in. They made it their mission in 2012 to empower female gamers through competition, and have had a huge impact in the 9 years since, even expanding to provide high quality women's tournaments in other games and esports. FSL brings a lot of experience to the table, and we're excited to follow their lead in supporting SEA women!

'It's our pleasure to work together with DV to advocate for inclusion and diversity in the SEA region, and we're excited about building cross-region relationships and exchanging expertise and best practices. We're happy to cooperate with like-minded people who are truly passionate about what they do.'

Furryfish, CEO, FSL

Keep up with the latest news from our partnership on our Facebook pages! FSLDota2 DotaValkyries


Announcing our partnership with FSL!


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