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It has been a month of many irons in our fire and we are happy to be sharing numerous updates with you all!

Firstly, we are ecstatic to be working closely with Sheepsticked, Ephey, and INVOKERGIRL to try and make a more inclusive DOTA scene . More information on this will be provided in the months to come, as well as more new additions joining the fray!

If you’ve been keeping up with our socials you will undoubtedly have seen that DOTA Valkyries is now partnering with Women in Esports. While most seeds planted take time to bear fruit this partnership has bore its very first treat already: The Valkyrie Cup! Starting with the group stage on 18 September & followed by play-offs on 19 September it will provide the DOTA-fix so many yearn for between now and TI. Bringing with it a prize pool consisting of future battle pass levels (Valve promised a second battle pass!) and a slew of amazing talent to cover the event we are hoping this is only the humble beginning. Keep tabs on our socials, since we will be announcing talent as the event’s starting shot draws closer.

Keeping the spirit of events going is the addition of a team in our community server who aim to organise and run more events! These events won’t be exclusive to DOTA and will provide community members to participate in events in-between the bigger cups and tournaments like the Valkyrie Cup.

Rounding off this month’s update is our collaboration with Spaniel. We are working with Spaniel to attempt to improve Twitch moderation, and make this a safer platform for our community.

August has certainly been a productive month, and we will not be showing any signs of slowing down heading into September. Before you know it, the time will have come to once again wake Green Day – so keep an eye out for September’s update!


DOTA Valkyries August update


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